Sunday, 27 July 2014

Baby Shower....not long to go!!!

I've had my baby shower!!  This means the arrival of baby Brown is imminent. Aaaah.  I had a 3D scan as well this week, which was brilliant.  They are so clever, they even give you the forecast weight of baby!  Thankfully he's not gonna be the size of a house....but surely if I eat more cake things will change?

My baby shower was fantastic, and I felt really over whelmed and emotional after!  We all trotted off to Heaton Park, and took over a classroom there.  The girls brought loads of smashing food, and our Laura did a great selection of games to keep us all amused.  I've got pictures drawn by the girls of Baby Brown, really hope he doesn't resemble any of the artist impressions!  There were some scary premonitions.

We had to tell what flavour the baby food was - this has made me realise just how bad baby food is.  I think they probably make a big vat of "slush" which they then add a minuscule bit of the main ingredient.  Think I'll really have to try and make my own.

We also ate melted chocolate out of nappies!!  haha. So wrong, but really funny.  I loved the way my mate Jo tucked into hers without flinching.  We all got to spit our dummies out - not that this is anything new for us lot.

The weather was smashing, and we all had a go in the rowing boats which was brilliant fun.

Really wonderful day, plus I was treated to some lovely pressies from my wonderful friends.  Thank you ladies xxx

baby food tasting!!

All the girls spitting their dummies out!!

Josi, loving the chocci nappy

Aww, brilliant Michelle.  The only one who made the effort to dress up (Aina did pop her baby suit on as well so Michelle didn't feel left out).  Michelle looked ace and really made my day

Getting ready for dummy spitting

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